Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Teacher’s Day

Sept 5th is celebrated all over India as Teacher’s day in remembrance of one of the greatest leaders of our country, who himself was a teacher – Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

Faint memories of this day come to my mind, as I read this post by Usha on teacher’s day. In our school, this day was celebrated as an official “Day-Off” for teachers. A Special Assembly would be conducted in the morning and for most part of the day, the teachers would be off, taken off for a special lunch. And to manage the junior students, senior students would be sent to take “classes”. While in Junior classes, I would eagerly wait to see if one of those smart, handsome senior boys or one of those lovely, beautiful girls that I liked a lot would come to “teach” us; and be awed by the sheer power they had as Seniors. We would eagerly talk of the ball of time we would have when we became “Seniors”. I don’t know if even today this is the way it is celebrated in my school.

Teachers play a big role in our life as students. Many teachers are role models, who push students to work better, guide them and give them new ideas and better development thoughts. We as students would often strive to be “the best student”, “the pet student” for the teacher we liked.

I would often wish that my b’day fell on a day that had my favourite teacher’s class – so that I could give her chocolates and get her wishes. It pleased me everytime Dattam madam asked me to stand up and read the next chapter in Biology class; and was secretly thrilled that Hymavathy madam preferred me to XYZ in English class. Nagaratnam madam would get vexed up each time I chatted in her period – well it was not my fault that I found economics so boring – every economics class would find me standing up with the teacher grumbling “She gets good marks in her exams but cannot stop yakking in the class!”

Sometimes it is bad when a teacher takes undue advantage of the position that she/he holds. Cases of manhandling students, sexual advances made to the opposite sex students are not unheard of. It saddens to think that these very persons who are considered just next to god can take such drastic steps to spoil the name of the entire teacher community. We had two teachers – one would slap the student for needless reasons and the other who would talk obscenely with girls.

Ah! Those good old school days! Wish I could go back in time and meet each one of my teachers. Wherever they are, I wish them well and will be always thankful for their role in shaping my life, as it is today.


The Smiling Girl said...

Hey Vidhya, I posted a tip to commenting on my blog at the end of the latest post.. just check it out and tell me if it worked!

Usha said...

I would give anything to go back to my school or college and have one more day of that life - it is the best period of our lives and these teachers who have handled generations of devils like us - they must be angels in disguise!

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Usha - Amen to your wish! I too wish that!