Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Baby Times

These are baby times. Either about babies that I have never met, or babies that are to be born! Of course I am talking of babies of my friends. Recently one of my very close friend, Vindhya, sent me the snap of her nearly 2 year old – Tharun , and in the same week another close friend of mine, Meens – as I call her – sent the latest updates on her daughter Praks. Looking at them, I felt as if I was missing something big in life. These two girls were very much a part of my adult life- sharing daily happenings, consoling me in the darkest times of my pre-marriage life, laughing aloud with me over a funny incident, sharing my indignation about some politics at work, reveling in my happiness when I was getting married – and today each one of us is at a different physical location, busy with our own lives.

This is Tharun. Oh! How much I would have loved to see the rotund belly of the reed-thin Vindhya when she was carrying Tharun – how much I would have loved to be with her and force her to eat every morsel of the food on her plate as I did for so many afternoons in the office canteen! I wish I could see this little bundle of trouble – as she calls him lovingly – pull his cheeks, hold him close and play with him.

This is cutie Prakrathi – aka Praks. Look at her inquisitive eyes – she is an exact carbon copy of her mom. Meens is one darling of a person. She was with me all through my troubled phase before marriage – listening patiently to all my woes, advising me and helping me in taking small decisions. She had her fair share of troubles before lil Praks was born. I am sure she would have been glad to have a friend at hand, and – I was never there for her. Wish I could do something for this dear friend of mine.


Chandrika said...

Geez! Vindhya and Meens sure are lucky to have a devoted friend like you!! :-)

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Chandrika - Hee hee .. Thanks! I miss them and so many other friends also a looooot! ....
BTW I visited your blog the other day , sorry did not put a comment :( .... How in the world do you manage to cook so different things so nicely !!!! HAAAATS OFF TO U!!!!