Monday, June 05, 2006

Fanaa .... for you!

Finally I got my wish fulfilled. I managed to convince Rajesh to take me to Novi to watch “Fanaa”.

Going to Novi to watch a movie is very tiring I feel. For one, it is nearly 45 minutes drive from home; and the movie timings are such that we cannot have lunch before leaving or after coming back. The movie made up for all these petty troubles. Even the fact that we lost our way back and had to nearly drive an hour in the burning heat, did not bother us – as we discussed the wondrous movie that we had just watched.

Well, on the onset – Fanaa is not something which will be liked by all folks. It is totally “hatke” from the current trend of movies – no sex, sleaze, fast music, dhishum dhishum, poor PJs…. It is a through and through emotional fare.

A simple and told-before story – but with wonderful packaging and creative art which creates all the difference and the magic.

Kajol has proved without doubt, that she is still the best with this shattering comeback. All the while I was watching the movie, I was mesmerized by the beauty of her eyes and expressions. Nobody else could have played the role of the blind girl – Zooni and yet come out with one of the most expressive performances. Every time she smiled/laughed ; I felt “Oooh! She is so beautiful even after all these years!”…. Kajol’s dresses have been tastefully chosen to fit her role and highlight her character on the screen. All through the first half she is mostly clad in ankle length colorful skirts and long tops, while the second half of the movie shows her wearing salwar-kameez (which tends to make her look slightly fat). She plays the role of Zooni with élan. In - her longing for the Prince in her life; her determination to prove the love they share to Rehaan; her anguish in finding Rehaan dead when she sees the first light; her pranks with her son; her refusal to let Rehaan go out of her life again; her dilemma on finding the truth about Rehaan - she takes you along on an emotional ride.

Words cannot describe the greatness of an actor like Aamir. There are very few actors who play a role like they wer born to play a character; one of them is Aamir. He has been given a lot of injustice by the Bollywood film industry in terms of awards and appreciation. The transformation of the flirting, playful guide who is beguiled by Zooni’s charms and falls in love, despite himself ; to the hardened terrorist who will do anything for his cause is sudden and leaves one wondering is it the same person who is playing both the roles. As the charming, saying shayari at the drop of the hat tourist guide – Rehaan steals your heart in a heartbeat. The chemistry between Aamir and Kajol is unmistakable as they waltz in the rain signing “Dekho Na…”. In the second half, he plays a subdued role – torn between his duty and love for his long-lost-and-now-found family. There are few actors, when they cry on screen, can evoke emotion even in the hardest of hearts I feel – Kamal Hassan, Amitabh, Sanjeev Kumar, Aamir Khan. The scene where Aamir breaks before Kajol and promises that he will return back to be with her forever is heart-breaking.

The locales of the movie are splendid. The first half of the movie is entirely shot in Delhi and the second half in Poland. K. Ravi Chandran’s camera work is brilliant. I believe there is more skill in shooting a scene with people all around, in a common place and make it look ecstatic; than to shoot in an isolated, already-beautiful picturesque spot. The skill of a cameraman is put to test when he shoots a song in the ruins of a monument; than when he shoots in the sprawling grasslands of Switzerland. This is exactly what is proved in “Subhaan Allah” …
The rain song is probably one of the most finest ever pictured in Hindi movies – the way the drops falling on the protagonists is captured is amazing.
The backdrop for the song “Mere Haath Mein” is the most beautiful and romantic I have ever seen. Delicate colors and perfectly matching costumes!

I think it is after ages that the poetry in Hindi songs returned. Prasoon joshi’s lyrics are dripping with honey. The voices of Aamir and Kajol in between the paras of “Mere Haath” add a mystic feeling to the song.

Last but the best is Salim-Sulaiman’s background score. Each time you hear the “Yaa maulaaah” in the background, you feel something deep inside you stirring.

All in all – one of my favorites till date!

“Tere Dil Mein mere Saanson ko Panaah mil jaaye. Tere Ishq mein mere jaan fanaa ho jaaye”

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