Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mind "Blogging"

Recently I have been looking at a lot of blogs, and to my surprise found that almost 70% of the people I know - blog. It came as a very amazing surprise to me. I found a lot of what was happening in their lives in their blogs. I got to know of the recent past of many a folks, whom I have not been in touch with for the past year or so. I was very happy to see how this small concept of blogging has made the world seem so much more "smaller".

It made me sit back and think how quickly and enormously the world of communication has grown.

When I left school, I had only two friends I could keep in touch with , and that too because they were close to where I stayed. We did not even have a telephone at home, so I never took down the numbers of others. And then when I got to college, I kept in touch with friends through letters. I still remember the thrill that I would feel to see a letter for me in the letter board of the hostel. Ah! those long letters from Rajani, Smitha and Sirisha ...
E-mailing was a big fancy at that time. There was just one geek who knew how to open an email account using the "Text" browser, and I bribed my friend to ask him to open an account for me. I used to sit in awe in the huge line in CC (Computer Center) watching people mail and wonder how they knew so much.
It was 1 in the morning, one day when my cousin (the elite few who had a computer and internet at home in those days) show me what a website is - she logged on to MTV's website - and I was in all admiration of the concept of a website (something we don't even give a thought about today because it has become as common as breathing).

Today I have all possible ways of keeping in touch with my friends, searching and finding about long lost acquaintances (www.batchmates.com enabled me to get in touch with two of my class mates from class X). My father got in touch with his friends of 1969 batch through a yahoogroups! This made me indeed wonder in amazement , just how far have we come in communication!

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