Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am the luckiest !

It is kinda too personal to be writing about my husband on a blog - well! that is the way I look at (not many may feel that)!
But his act of yesterday's touched me so much that I thought I would put in a small writing to say just about how lucky I am to have the bestest husband in the whole wide world.
He is the most caring, calm and loving person ; next only to amma. Well, you might say, everybody would say their husband is soooo caring, loving .... then what is so special about Rajesh ... Well, he is special ... He stands every single tantrum of mine without opposing or uttering a word. If we go to BK and it is ceasar's salad today ; and garden's tomorrow only because I want - he agrees. If I want to eat out ; so be it; If I won't buy raw banana because I don't like it - there is no objection.
Every evening when I come back from work, there is a special snack ready for me at home; even it has been only seconds before me that he arrived. Tea is made the way I like it (bitter and almost sugarless ; though he loves more sugar in his tea) ...
Yesterday I had a training till late night; so this darling person comes home - in 15 minutes prepares chineese noodles and tea and gets them to office for me to have it .... Oh! I was touched beyond words ...
I can go on and on about him .... words would not be enough! I am the luckiest! Thanks Lord!

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