Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Hot Day and a Jump Over The hedge

It was long weekend time ... For a change we did not go visiting any place, much to the surprise of all my colleagues. Though as the weekend neared, Rajesh's murmurrs started "We are not going anywhere at all. Why don't we go for a day's trip to blah blah ... or atleast half a day trip to blah blah ... ! Log agar pooche - Long Weekend ko kya kiye - we will say summit mall shopping gaye .. Cha! kya bore ho tum ..." Despite all his rantings, the weekend turned out to be a very restful and enjoyable one - he admits that himself now.
All plans for "Fanaa" (one that i had been nursing ever since I saw that poster on rediff ) got washed out due to lazy waking-ups at 10 or 11 in the morning. With a promise that if the reviews turn out to be good, we would go next week - i diverted my mind to other activities.
It was a damn hot time in town this weekend. With the mercury rising upto 97 on Sunday afternoon; there was hardly an inch free space in the pool in our apt complex. It tempted me also to go and take a dip; but alas neither did i know how to swim, nor did i have the right outfit for the same. We got bit by the "Green" bug ; so there was a frenzy rush to all the possible nursery and "home depot" nearby to grab as many potted plants as possible and lay them in a row in our patio. I must say , it is a fine sight out there now.
I drove like crazy over the weekend , to try out to those "transport" wings that just sprouted out of me. Every single chance possible, I lay my claim over the steering wheel of the car.
We ended the weekend on a wonderful note, by putting the free tickets we had got earlier, to watch "Over The Hedge". Every time I go to see an animation movie, I am amazed by the sheer ability of those people who work behind the scenes, to turn the simplest of unthinkable plots to the most interesting, comical and lovable movies. A simple movie about how animals try to collect food from humans and store for their hibernation season, with loads of hidden pun about humans' craze for food - is what the movie is all about. Loud applause for Bruce Willis who has added so much charm and character to the racoon with his voice! ...
A Must - see for all those who love animated movies ...
There goes by another long weekend .. and I am left longing to see the bend of Friday evening again!

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