Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Summer Sisters

A Novel by Judy Blume, that explores the lives of two girls over a period of 18 years, as they cross each milestone in their lives. I just finished reading it yesterday night, after having read it for nearly a month. There were days when I would complete a novel in a day or two and here are times when I get to read probably half a page in two days... Life indeed changes a lot, as portrayed by this novel itself.
Just on the border of giving sufficient detail but not over-exaggerating is the narration pace of this beautiful life story. It is a story about two girls, Victoria and Cassy, who influence each other in every piece of their lives, unknowingly; from the moment they become “Summer Sisters” at the tender age of 12. It all begins when the rich and spoilt brat, but the cynosure of all eyes in the not-so-well-known school of Sante Fe, Cassy invites the plain and ordinary next door girl, Victoria to spend the summer with her in her Father’s place at “The Vineyard”. The book explores the lives of the two girls from this point on, the contrast in their families, ideals, thoughts, behavior, desires and dreams. Blume has very beautifully woven the contrasts of the protagonists while delicately displaying the love and affection between them. A long lasting friendship that grows in and out over the years and places.
Every now and then, one would relate the events to one’s own life and wonder just how true it all is. The innocence of adolescence, the physical curiosity of the teens, the indecisiveness at the threshold of 20’s, the search for satisfaction at the end of 20’s – is all written in beautiful shades of colors.
If you have the patience to read a “big” book, and are a bit sentimental – this is it for you.