Thursday, December 22, 2005

Comcast - The Life of the US

I have never seen the Mr. wait for a specific day this badly, as he did for Dec 22, 2005 - the day life poured into his existence in the US .. the day we got Comcast installed in our house.
Life in the US is certain bloodless without internet and a speaker phone at home - say "Some people" ...
The multitude of wires that bring people close together just by one click is amazing ..
What I Love the most about the internet in the US is 24 hours availability . I remember all those dark lonely nights when I had to spend alone in my home during my last stay in this country - and it was only Online Radio which was my saviour.
The next best thing about Internet is "Being Online" all the time.... Any Old friend coming "alive" after ages will never be missed. I have got in touch with many "out-of-sight" so "out-of-mind" people, over this little smiley messenger.
And the latest craze of the world and mine - blogging. All is possible because of this "Special Day" in our lives...

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