Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Standing Ovation

Well, it was not exactly one, but there was definitely much louder applause than I have ever heard in a theatre in the United States. It was a well deserved applause at the "Great Lakes Crossing" a the end of "The Chronicles of Narnia" - the beginning of a journey to a magical land.
I read about it first in Kumari's blog and how she was dissappointed that people had shown no response to the most fabulously made adaption on the Original novel by C.S. Lewis. So, we decided today to go and see for ourselves what this wonderful thing was all about. And were we Awed and surprised and pleased to the tee... We were floating in a different world while walking down the aisle of the Theatre rows.
Not a single detail missed, a single character unexplained, a single dialogue without meaning. Magic weaved into ordinary lives of 4 young kids brings out the most beautifully fabricated tale of a fantasy land called Narnia...
It is very difficult to hold yourself from falling in love with the bunny toothed little Lucy Pevensie, as she gives her warm friendly smile. Each time the Lion fills the screen, it evokes a deep respect in your heart for this magnificiant beast, and you are left with no doubt that the creators have taken the utmost caution to ensure that it looks as real as the seat on which you are sitting. One would be tempted to shake Edmund so hard that his teeth shook for the treacherous deed he performs, but you would regret doing so, seeing his bravery to save his elder brother. Ms. Susan is the prim and prom school teacher - I really wonder why every story needs to have one such character ! - Recall Hermione Granger ??
The War scene inevitably triggers a memory recall of the Cavalry charge in "LOTR". The coincidential fact is that C.S.Lewis and Tolkein were both lovers of Fantastical and Magical creatures and were good friends. Tolkein is supposed to have criticised Lewis when he first read the Book stating " there were too many elements that clashed—a Father Christmas and an evil witch, talking animals and children."...
Are we not glad today that Lewis did not listen to his best friend !!! ...
A Must see for all the eyes in the world. A movie that teaches lessons of compassion, bravery, love, justice and togetherness.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Comcast - The Life of the US

I have never seen the Mr. wait for a specific day this badly, as he did for Dec 22, 2005 - the day life poured into his existence in the US .. the day we got Comcast installed in our house.
Life in the US is certain bloodless without internet and a speaker phone at home - say "Some people" ...
The multitude of wires that bring people close together just by one click is amazing ..
What I Love the most about the internet in the US is 24 hours availability . I remember all those dark lonely nights when I had to spend alone in my home during my last stay in this country - and it was only Online Radio which was my saviour.
The next best thing about Internet is "Being Online" all the time.... Any Old friend coming "alive" after ages will never be missed. I have got in touch with many "out-of-sight" so "out-of-mind" people, over this little smiley messenger.
And the latest craze of the world and mine - blogging. All is possible because of this "Special Day" in our lives...