Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jam Jam Enna Jam

For some reason the Compose mode seems to be missing in this window, so can't use the fav among the ones given - Trebuchet Ms ..

It is ages since i wrote here. Many reasons attributing to it, my laziness, lack of motivation to write anything, my exams (the last of which i will get rid of this saturday), and many more ....

Every evening I sit in that "royal" transportation from the heavenly E-city back to "city", thousands of blogs fly through my mind - about how irritating it is to see even kids walk by your bus faster than it rolls, how i can count the number of stones by the roadside everyday (just that the exact place where I cound changes), and how I can participate in a "Yawning" competition and create a guinness Record.

It is a big pain travelling in Bangalore, and especially if you are one of those most unlucky ones who have not mastered the art of sleeping in bus, you are close to dead.

For a mere distance of 17 kms, I take on an average of 1 and half to 2 hours to reach home, every single day. Each day I reach home and lecture Rajesh about the ills of staying in this over-populated, polluted, nasty dirty place - and that we should immediately pack our bags and leave to another place, when a call from home stating just how "very hot" the days was - breaks my resolve ...

Bangalore's traffic reminds me of the Sundrop ad, the guy with such a big paunch, that you can count the number of hairs sticking out between two buttons in his shirt... It is like it is just about to explore...

Every day I set out with the positive thought in my mind, hoping that by some miracle everything is set right and come back with a black thunder cloud on my head, fuming at every possible thing that could go wrong ..

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