Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Minute Of Fame

Tring! Tring! – Groan! … grumbling and mumbling I shut off the alarm clock. Just like any other day, amma turned towards me and mumbled sleepily “Koncham neram kooda paduthuko kondhe”(sleep for some more time my child!) … And as obedient (atleast in this aspect), I turned and tired to sleep, only to wake up 50 seconds later(this is also the usual)… after being tormented by horned images of my manager and suddenly alive and eating versions of my CSQA books … Well! It was just yet another day….
Bored with the daily schedule of getting ready early and rushing off to catch the bus, I decided to take a detour – enjoy some time excercising, eating amma’s delicious dosas and “trying” to study…
There are some days when unknowing to yours, you just hope that the day is something different from the normal, hoping for something “Lucky” to come your way .. When such a feeling started to go through me, I realized I was reading too much of “Potter and the half blood prince” …. And as life is always, it turned out to be the most …Luck(less) day. I put on the TV, just to realize that there was a cable strike, and it was indefinite… Put on the “You got mail” CD and got ready for a jig, and heard the “Blip” of power-cut…Walked down to catch an auto and waited shifting weight on each foot for 15 minutes before I found one who charged exorbitant price – but he was GOD at that moment, and I could not refuse him … So much for a hope for Lucky – I should have watched “Lucky-no time for love” atleast over the weekend.
I put on the radio and enjoyed some songs. Vasanthi gave the question for “Jhat-Se” contest and was so exhilarated to hear some questions about my ex-fav .. Aamir Khan(I really feel he overdid himself with Mangal Pandey.. This was they call “Pride goes before fall”). I sent an SMS to Radio City, asking me to put on air… And forgot all about it, because in the past I never got the chance …
My phone vibrated … an unknown number, GOSH! Can’t the lady Hitler atleast wait for me to come to office … I picked it up reluctantly to hear the iron voice.. When I heard a familiar voice say “Hi …”I could not believe it … My wish had come true. I had got a call from Vasanthi – after finishing the formalities, she said she would put me on air for my answer was correct… I could not believe it, I was so tensed, excited that I forgot to tell amma to put on the Radio also. Finally I managed to call her and give her a cryptic message, that sounded like there is some Big disaster occurred and she needs to know about it only from the radio. I got vasanthi’s call, and was at office by that time, so spoke on hushed tones, all the while aware that I was on “AIR”.. Gosh! I could not believe it.. I was already imagining the prize that would come home, and what the goodie bag would contain, when she threw the bomb and asked the second question … that threw me off – I did not know the answer … booo! Hooo! She cheated me L … My minute of fame had turned to half a minute of disappointment….
Whenever I listened to radio, I would always wonder how lucky those people were who got on air. I was not a radio freak, but come-on, who does not like to be onair and let the whole city hear them J… I still remember how desperately I tried to get the number, when Maddy was on air.. only to be exasperated how that one number always is elusive… I so badly wanted darayas to put me on air to dedicate a song to Aena, when he was going out of town, and when finally that day came – I realized that it was nothing so great that I envisaged, but undoubtedly it was the experience of a lifetime ..

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