Thursday, June 30, 2005

Queues & Lines

Long since I wrote a blog. One very unpleasant incident put me off for a while. Some 'friend' commenting very nastily on my blog. Anyways , dogs will bark , that does not mean that I stop my writing.
Turning to other better matters in life... I had been wanting to pen down some thoughts on the "topic line" for quite some time.
Everyday when I go back home, i notice this phenomena. Mine is the last stop, so the bus stops there for a while for everybody to get down. Even before the stop comes, almost everybody starts to get up and crowd near the entrance. I don't get this - It is the last stop, so even if you are the last to get down, the driver will wait for you. And you are coming back home, so there is no meeting/call you need to rush for. Then why don't people follow an unlaid rule, let the front seat people get down and then get in the line, when it is their turn.
Every single person has a rush, for what? - nothing. Getting home a minute later does not cause any big upset right? And if everybody forms a quiet line and gets down in turn, you are not missing out on precious minutes also.

Everytime I have been abroad I have noticed this - While leaving India, everybody forms a nice neat queue and board the plane in harmony. But on the return in airporst like FFT or London, the moment the announcement for baording is done, everybody nearly runs to the gate, pushing, scrambling, nudging to get in. The only plausible reason I can think of , is to occupy as much cabin luggage space as possible, as on the return, Indians are most "famous" for getting everything they can lay hands on ...

All it needs is a bit of self-discipline for us to prove that we can be as well-mannered as the "whiter" part of the race. Wonder why inspite of being taught so much in school , college, and even office(soft-skills) we can never manage to follow this in real life.

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