Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yawn ..... I am Bored

After a very satisfying lunch, the best thing anybody can wish is to sleep. Alas, my mother-in-law(my work) would not let me do so.
What kind of life is this of a Software full of Sine curves, never the same over a period of even a month. I have worked in all kinds of projects in this 4 years of my work life ... Dormant, worse than the sleeping corpse in the grave projects to cant-sit-or-breathe-for-a-second kind of projects. But there has never been a time when I have sat back and felt "oh! my work life is so good. I get the right amount of work I can finish in a day/week and get to go home at the right time and still love my work."
Everyday I would ask my mother- just how have you managed to put in 23 years of service. Inspite of having a variety in work, I have often found my fellow software colleagues (including myself) always crib about work .... Is it because of our patience levels have drastically come down, or is it because we all have become so ambitious that nothing satisfies us anymore?
What is it that we all want after all ?


Subha Srini said...

One thing to add fuel to this fire is, most non s/w people feel that all we do, is sit and enjoy the AC apart from getting our pockets filled with a sum which looks more only on papers and a chance to visit the so called happening places of the world. Little do they know the ennui and the mental agony filling this lacuna.

lord emsworth said...

well, there was a program shown on channel E! while i was in detroit. it showed the most horrible jobs in the world.
one of them was this lady, who worked as a cleaner in a slaughter house in texas. her job was to rummage through the entrails of the slain cattle, and sort out the intestines , kidneys, livers, stomach into separate heaps to be sent to fertilizer factories later.

i also look at the security guy who sits outside our building every night. i saw him last night with the tortoise-mosquito coil beneath his chair, doing nothing but stare at passers by, hoping that they'd notice him and smile in recognition of his services.

well, i think we're one of the luckiest to be doing what we're doing. what i love about my life is the ease with which i can access information. i get to learn about things everyday....and i get paid for can never get boring with the kind of job we have....

Vidhya Rajesh said...

How funny we humans are - we change our statements at the drop of the hat .... when we like our job, we lash out at others who criticise us, but all of us each one of us (i know) have been through a phase in work life, where we have hated what we are doing.

lord emsworth said...
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lord emsworth said...

i love you jo march

Kumari said...

Lord Emsworth, hmm one of my fave characters and so typical a comment from His Lordship - jus the opposite of what everyone else says :-D

The IT industry is not boring but when somewhere down the years you lose the line that demarcates life and work and mix everything together, then it does cease to be alluring inspite of the money...and in some cases it is interesting only coz of the money :-D

On a sidenote: I think i should ask Somu to visit this page so he knows what "duties" of Lordship are :) Cute!