Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bunked Again ...

...9 years ago, one Thursday afternoon in the month of March, I bunked class for the first time in my life - to go to see a movie with - um, how do I put it - "the would-be Mr. in my life" (not very good, but chalta hain description) . And what movie would that be? "The Runaway Bride" (ROFL!). Couple of his friends we met at the theatre commented - " not the best choice for a movie with her".

... and Yesterday the Mr. & I did the same - "bunked" work (let me put that politically correct - took half day off) and went to see Mr. Potter as he battled the "half-blood Prince". Oooh! The very thought of the similar situation made me feel so "youthful" and all "girlish giggly" hee hee. There we were holding hands like teenagers and running towards the People Mover station (running - only because we were late for the movie) and my mind could rewind all the way back to that incident 9 years ago! Ah! to feel young again, if not "be"!
Okay enough mooning!

Well the fact that we 'SAW' a movie in the theatre is a big deal - because after Maya was born and my parents left for india, this was the first movie we could see in a theatre. It was a big loss , because the Mr. and I are ardent fans of animated movies and some nice "non-animated" movies too and would never miss the opportunity to watch one in a theatre. So, when Potter came along - die-hard potter fans that we are , and added to that the fact that we never missed a potter movie in a theatre, it was kinda getting difficult for us.

The Mr. said we need to give it a try and so there were went , last Saturday, taking the 'memsaab' together - and hoping she would settle into that one little nice afternoon nap of ours letting us to peace with our movie. But as luck would be, she choose just that afternoon to be absolutely bright and sprightly - measuring the length of the halls in the theatre, again and again, with her two little feet. Grumbling and mumbling - we came back - the battle was lost even before it could start! I should have atleast donated those 14$ - that would have brought more satisfaction.

While narrating this pathetic incident at lunch, my colleague R mentioned about the theatre inside the GM head office (no wonder GM was losing business!) and then we got the brilliant idea of how we could go to a movie and still not wonder where we would need to drop Maya off :).

Coming to the movie - well, let me talk of the Pros first. It is a well made movie. As the numbers are increasing on the potter movie count, the quality of the movie, the finesse of graphics and the "acting" of the actors is getting better. There is no question that this is probably the best of the potter movies so far.

But the biggest flaw has always remained the same, right from Movie #1 to Movie #6 - the incapibility of putting the entire book into the movie (mind you - i dont blame the director at all - it is not possible - just that it frustrates me to see them attempting it) ; and missing the most important part of the story, while concentrating on unwanted parts - just because they provide more "thrill" to the movie-goer.

"The half-blood Prince" seems to be an answer to the latest Fad among teenagers - "Twilight" - it has more romance sprinkled in the story, than what was described by Rowling in the book. Well, as the Mr. says, you cannot blame the director for wanting some commercialism. Now there did that whole gimmick about the weasley's house burning come? I dont remember reading that in any page of the book - or should I re-read it to refresh my memory.
The most frustrating part was how the most imporant theme of this book - understanding "what" Voldemort is - was totally lost. None of the important memories were shown - no brainstorming as to what he would have done to the horcruxes - absolutely nothing. The Last scene - the killing of the dumbledore - really killed the beauty of the episode.

Sigh! I cannot help feeling so let down after seeing the movie, but then it is like an addiction. I cannot also stop myself from going and seeing the movie - so much is the Potter pull.

The kids have grown up to be very very handsome and beautiful teens. Though it would have been really really GREAT if Potter was the tallest of all, as opposed to be the shortest (snort!) of all.

As the Mr. remarked - they should have made a serial of Harry Potter series - not movies! But then they might not have raked in the moolah for all the effort spent!

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Meenal said...

I remember that day.. afternoon u went to Amruta n post movie our talks on the LH terrace :) i miss those days..