Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend With Maya

It is amma's last week here in detroit. It pains me to even write that line. I know I am going to be a lot affected once she leaves, but there is no choice. That is one thing I hate about living in this country - Visa - the evil monster! If it were in India, I guess I could have made her stay with me or near me forever. Amma and Appa have been the greatest help we have had with respect to Maya. Right from delivery till now, they have really really slogged for us - I could never do enough for them in return. I just hope that I have always shown my gratitude to them enough, and that I am there for them when they need me. 
After a couple of outings with Maya which turned out to be sort of fiasco's, we were wary in taking her out. But for the past weeks, she seemed to have grown up and not behaving as cranky as she did before. So, we decided to 'experiment' once again. After all who could resist the last few sunny weekends of Michigan? 
So, we ventured into the downtown of Birmingham. This is one of the posh cities around and the downtown is quite lively and entertaining. Shops lined on both sides of the narrow Woodward avenue and Maple road provide good Window shopping opportunities - but they are most harmful to the pocket for these are some of the most expensive botiques. This is the favourite hang out for teenagers, so we got to see
 some nice 'kuttis' (babes) in 'kutti' skirts and tops :) - the latest and weirdest fashions too. 
We showed amma the city hall where we applied for Maya's passport - and of course this warranted a photo (there ... in the distance you can see Amma with Maya)

What did you say .... you want a close up - okay here goes ... 

Maya was most well-behaved that evening. Though the Mr. always maintains that she is most well-behaved when outside... all her 'true colors' are limited to inside the home. As soon as we landed in downtown, it was here feeding time and she promptly dropped to sleep even before she completed her bottle. Which gave us some free t
ime to go around looking at the shops in 'peace'.. We 'binged' that evening, sauntering into chocolate shops and cupcake stations - sampling and eating all the goodies we laid eyes on...

Greedily the Mr. and I ordered Thai takeout and also went into Panera Bread for a soup and sandwich(I had been wanting to take amma to Panera Bread since a long long time) - which of coursed proved to me much more than we would eat, so the Thai served as lunch next afternoon. (Good one less time to cook .. hee hee).

Maya, in the meantime, had a wonderful time -trying to pick all the flowers she could lay eyes.. oops maybe hands on. See her trying to do a back somersault here. 

Soon, the cold winds started to creep in and it was time to leave. So, after making sure the little madame was snug and warm, 
we started back home .. It was a nice and fun outing. Maya earned some nice compliments too..."Oh! she is a precious isn't she?" ..."Oooh! look at all that lovely hair!".

I hate coming back to work on a Monday. I miss her so much. It is so much fun these days being with her, playing with her and listening to her non-stop jabber. Oh! she "talks" so much that her dad has to ask her to keep quiet to speak to anybody in the house... ha ha ... 


Preethi said...

She looks adorable... the talking am sure she gets it from you!!

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Preethi - Thanks dee ...hmm adhu enavo correct daan :) ... let me make sure Rajesh does not read this, otherwise he will have one to pick on me ;)

Uthra Srinivasan said...

enna dee idhu un ponnu pesaradhuku adhisayama ? Ava pesalaina sollu , lemme think whats wrong !!!
And dont worry dear , after getting soo much from your mom , now its your turn to give dear......Give back ten times to maya kutti.
Also take care of your self also.

Gomathi Sarma said...

oh yes.. she is relaly precious and adorable and she has a lovely hair and a lovely outfit and yes she is well behaved.. She is gem :)

My million hugs to her :)

Sorry to see your mom going back to India. This is the same moment I hated. Its so nice to have ur mom with u and u watching your little one.