Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cheeni - Zyada ya Kum?

Has it just been two weeks since I returned from India? Seems like much longer. Maybe because life has become doubly interesting in these two weeks, and will be so for some months to come. Reason – there are more than just 2 voices at home. My parents are here with us. There is some discussion or talk going on all the time – the dutiful son-in-law indulging his in-laws in various snippets of talks, patiently clarifying all their childish doubts about this new country they are in, enthusiastic planning for all the trips that we want to go, snatching each moment of the weekend to take them out to each of the grocery store or restaurant that we have been lining up for their view since some months now. More to come on this and my trip to India.

For now, it is about the latest tune that has been playing in my head since Sunday – “Cheenikum hai Cheenikum hai”. The latest hindi album released by the Maestro Iliayaraaja. All the 5 songs in the movie are remakes of old tamil hits of the composer, jazzed up with some new peppy music – 4 of them brilliantly rendered by Shreya Ghoshal and 1 by Vijay Prakash – who is he I wondered and looked up and stumbled upon “Poo vasam” (Anbe Sivam) in the list of his songs list – of course – how did I forget this guy?

It is so very difficult not to get reminded of the actual tamil song as one listens to these new songs. I would have liked it much better if Iliayaraja had come up with new tunes – yet in these days of dhadam dhodoom nonsense mechanical noises that has captured the bollywood musical stage – these tunes come as a whiff of fresh spring air. Very light and fluffy notes played on the melodious vocal chords of this amazing femal – Shreya. Each time I hear her latest song I am amazed with variation that she can bring out. Each song of hers is a gem. There are many singers whose songs I have often felt sound the same – mainly because of their voice – but this lady is just truly fantastic – no two songs of hers sound any similar at all. It is as if she sings each song directly from her heart – as if she is emoting the song. Her playful tone in “Baatein..” , slight seduction in “Jaane do”, playfulness in “Chennikum” – are all so melodious and soothing to the ear.

I love the version of “Baatein” which has Amitabh dishing out some very nice dialogues. I am always a sucker for voices of two people in any song – Amitabh and Kamal Hassan.

“Sooni sooni” – is the only male song in the album – sung well by Vijay Prakash – his voice reminds me so much of Yesudas – though as I listen to the song I cannot but help being reminded of the great SPB’s “Mandram Vandhu” … (song from Mouna Ragam on whose tune “Sooni Sooni” is based).

There are two musical pieces in the album – small bits and pieces of music from various Iliayaraja songs (all Tamil songs) – which are a delightful hear.

Quite opposite to the title of the album – the songs are “CheeniFull”. A must hear for all Iliayaraja fans and music lovers. Having seen some visuals of this movie here and heard these songs, I am waiting eagerly to see the movie.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Vandhutten(Am back)

I am back .... After a 3 week well deserved respite from the humdrum of our routine life here - after a trip to my motherland. Loads of stuff to write here, may experiences to share - but all in good time. Somebody wisely said that it is a person who has just come back from vacation is the one in need of a break!

Piles of work to catch up in the wake up timings provided by my jet lagged body. So many blogs to read up and catch up on. I am not even back on my regular track! But am not complaining ... because my loving parents are here with me. And that superseds anything upsetting.

More soon.