Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tring Tring! Hello Moto

This post is “OnDemand” for one of my very dearest and long-term-been-always-there-for-me-friend – Sowmya.
Happy Anniversary to you dear – Sorry for goofing up on the date every single year! This is to make up for that!

We – the Mr. and I got our new “Chell” Phones on Thursday last – Moto Razr the talk of the town(I hope it is still the “TOT” – with electronics items you never know how soon one thing gets outdated). My fascination of owning a flip phone goes back very long. When we got our chance to come to the US of A, I had told the Mr. that one day I would get the 0$ (or money return) deal on a good Flip phone. Till date there was absolutely no need for a Cell phone for me, so my dream just lay there in a corner of my heart – till I started driving. Driving in the USA without a cell phone is sorta dangerous. So, one day we decided and ordered ours-after much debating my the Mr. on whether he wanted a Sony Erricson/Blackberry and so on… I was the loyal one – stuck to my black Moto since the very beginning. Here are our phones! Since they both are the same we stuck these stickers on the back for identification – Piglet for the Mr. and Pooh for the Mrs.

About 5 years ago, I was a cell phone hater- for no particular reason. It was during the times that Mobile phones were starting to become a craze in India. Despite the gadget-loving-Appa’s plea’s I refused to take one. The Mr. and I debated the possibility of taking one, as it would be the only means of us keeping in contact (these are pre-marriage times when the Mr.-n-I were at war with parents), but dropped it like a hot iron when I realized that the bills would come home and the hawk-eyed-wont-miss-a-detail appa would question on why I called a certain number in B’lore always. I also thought it to be a waste of money, and unnecessary sophistication. The will-always-wait-for-a-bus-and-not-be-luxirous-taking-an-auto Amma was also on my side.

Soon things were to change! I was given a mobile by my office as part of “Production Support”, and other than “Supporting” my personal needs there was practically no official use put to that 1/20th Kg instrument.
But that showed me how I could receive calls from the Mr. much more easily. Then there was text messaging and those single-rings-to-say-i-miss-you also. So, when I moved to a different project, I felt like an arm was broken when I had to return the cell back. So, a very sweet-will-always-listen-to-you daughter went to the always-an-yes-to-buy-a-new-gadget Dad and chose a Nokia 2100(though there were other models I chose only this because the Mr. also had the same).

Cell Phones changed the world dramatically, as did Internet. It made communication so much easier. There was a time when for months together we could talk to each other, he could not call at my house number and his home did not have a landline! And then during trainings in office, you did not have a seat number also. And then there came a time – as soon as I got onto the office bus – I gave a single ring and got a call back pronto and the 35 mintues of journey to office just flew by. For almost 2 years I was known as the girl-always-on-phone on Route#10.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am depressed

I have been depressed about this “issue” for quite some time now, intermittently sometime, and sometimes for a longer period. The “issue” is my job. Ever since I joined my present organization which is about 5 years ago, I have not been satisfied. I know that 5 years is just too much time to put with up with a lot of heartburn, but at every stage I had some personal issue which prevented me from changing my job.

Sometimes I begin to wonder if I have become so dormant that I no longer have the urge to even change my “sick condition”. Slowly, very slowly I can feel my self-confidence slip off, my enthusiasm towards anything new wane. I wallow in self pity almost all the time, which saps all positive energy out of me. I don’t look forward to any of the things that I love to do anymore – books don’t interest me, songs seem toneless, everything seems so bland.

I am so sick of my situation. At times I really wonder if I have a mental problem, and that I should get myself treated. I wish I could drop off everything as it is and run off somewhere else.

Even as I write this, I don’t want to publish this in my blog – because this seems just too personal to write. What would the people reading my blog think of me? Won’t my image fall off in their eyes. They might also think of me as a loser – a grumbling person as this friend of mine refers me as (Ms. Polambal). I don’t want to lose the little friendship and goodwill I gained through my blogs.

But then today I care for nothing. I am too depressed for words.

There is a new opportunity in my organization. The higher ups are planning to get a new person for that, plucking somebody off his current work – but when I requested for the same, they refused. That added all the fuel to my anger and frustration.

Amma says that a job is only something that provides me occupation of mind for 8-9 hours, and a paycheck at the end of the month – If I think of it this way, then I need not be worried. I am not a great career minded person – I work for a living and want to do good in the work I do – earn good respect from my colleagues and sleep with a smile at having done something well , in the night. My current job robs me off all of the above, so I am not even able to apply amma’s advice here.

I crossed the 100 blog mark two days ago. When I was at around 95 or so, I was thinking that my 100th blog should be special. All the blogs I visit, the authors have felt so much happiness in writing their 100th blog. And yesterday when I looked up, I saw I had already crossed 100, without my notice.
I am a person who does not forget these small things. But lately this pre-occupation of “the issue” robbed me of this happiness also.

I don’t know if this post even makes sense, but I do feel a small relief writing it all off.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I am not by nature a very superstitious person. But sometimes when things are going really bad, to get a hold onto something – I can start believing in some stupid things – anything to tide over the bad phase in life I feel. The Mr. does not believe in anything that cannot be scientifically explained. He believes in God and has faith in the fact that if you do well, you will always be taken care of. But what happened on Sunday, make him really smile and think for a second if there was something called superstition which was true.

It was one of those days when I was having a miserable Migraine attack and nothing I did seem to assuage the pain. So, in the evening we decided to go out for a drive for a whiff of fresh air. Just as we were about to leave the apartment complex, a gorgeously black cat ran across the road. I was a bit scared and told that we would better go back. The Mr. consoled me and said a Cat is just another animal – we don’t get scared if a squirrel/beaver/groundhog crosses the road rite? We had driven only for about a mile or so, and were about to get out of a gravel path that was a temporary detour when we heard a metal scrapping noise. I turned and gave a glare to the vehicle behind for making such a bad noise! The Mr. pressed the gas a bit more and the noise persisted – the car behind us was trying to overtake us and glaring at us – and it was then that it dawned on us that it was a problem with our own car!

We pulled over and saw to our dismay that our exhaust cabinet was dangling on the ground. The exhaust is fitted to the body of the vehicle using a metal strip that is fastened on both sides with two screws – one of them had fallen off causing the metal strip to give way and making the exhaust fall almost to the ground. It was our luck that we had taken a AAA membership just 3 weeks ago. AAA is a company that takes care of any such emergency problems with your vehicle for a yearly premium – people say that it is one of the most beneficial things in the US. We called them up and within 10 minutes the tow truck was there. The ‘tow-er’ was a Mexican called Eddy – a very cheerful guy – he looked at the exhaust and said he can fix it temporary for us and that would be helpful to us, instead of just being towed and dropped at home AS-IS. There was however just one issue that we had to go with him to another place where he had got a call about a broke down Mercedes. Well, what did we have to lose? So, he towed our car up – this was the first time I was seeing a car being towed – Boy! Are these machinery sophisticated!! We sat in the front of that huge monster truck while our darling car rode in the back. (I was thinking – if our car could speak like the ones in the animated movie “CARS”, it would squeak and say – please don’t let me go, I won’t break down anymore).

We drove to a sub-division that had really HUGE houses! Guess all the trillionairies (if there is one such word) lived here. Each house had atleast 3 cars and no brand lesser than a Cadillac / Benz / Lexus. Eddy even remembered this house as soon as he heard the complaint and remarked that they even had a boat-car (I had read about these only in Fantasy comics) and here I was seeing one. Now, this Benz car also had to be towed to the garage – so he hooked it to the back (like cars are towed back in good old India) and there we were driving off with 2 cars. Eddy remarked, as he hit 50 Mph – that must be the fastest either of those cars drove without gas! Enroute we collected some nice info – Eddy got a call and apologized saying it was his voice , when my Mr. joked “is she asking you when you are home” – to which the Mexican replied pretty casually – “No we are getting divorced! It was a bad choice – we rushed into marriage. But that’s fine we have been married only for 6 months now”. I found it so strange – here was a guy who was getting divorced, there was no single feeling of remorse about him and he was talking very lovingly to his soon-to-be-ex-wife. Poof! This kind of attitude is just too much for me to handle. I got reminded of “Jhankar Beats” where Rahul bose’s lawyer says “Mujhe mere client ke biscuits wapas chahiye” , instead of asking for “Tapes” (hilarious scene).

Finally 2 hours later, after Eddy had temporarily fixed our exhaust fastening, we crossed the same corner were the “black cat” effect had attacked us. For a long time after we came home, the Mr. could not help smiling about the “Black Cat”.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Chappad Phad Ke

There is a saying in Hindi – Bhagwaan jab kuch deta hai Chappad phaad ke deta hai – When god gives something, he gives in enormous quantities! Remember my “Socialization” – a month prior to that I was complaining almost every alternate day to the Mr. that we don’t have any friends here at all, we are a lonesome twosome and that he did not care and blah and blah …. And now, we are not free a single day! Gone are those glorious days when we basked in the soft blue light of the TV for ages in the evenings, sipping tea and drinking in all the dialogues from the zillion movies that we saw. Aaj yeh halat hai ki we hardly see the movies that we get from the library – and the funniest part is all those movies that I placed “Holds” for about 4 months ago are all getting “Available for pick up” now! No – I am not at all complaining. I am loving this action packed life we are having. After all, getting to see other humans is always something nice – is it not why we all live in societies? And “touchwood” all the company we are having is so nice – none of those “formality sake” types.

I thought it was only the MR. who had extremities of nature and now find that God also is in the same league! Guess God must also be a Gemini!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


... they never seem to end. Just when I sit back and let out a big "Phew", even before my back reaches for the back-rest of my chair - another problem pops his head out of the ugly hole in the road of life. Problems definitely make you stronger and each time you solve a problem and look back the previous one, you feel "Poof! that was so much simpler to handle". When I talk of this to somebody about 10 years elder to me, she says similingly - "You just wait baby - you ain't seen nuthing!" ... Oh! is there more ???

Well, all that thing about problems making your character strong, preparing you to fight the worst, blah blah is all fine - but for the sweet lord's sake - can I get a small popcorn break atleast??

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Baby Times

These are baby times. Either about babies that I have never met, or babies that are to be born! Of course I am talking of babies of my friends. Recently one of my very close friend, Vindhya, sent me the snap of her nearly 2 year old – Tharun , and in the same week another close friend of mine, Meens – as I call her – sent the latest updates on her daughter Praks. Looking at them, I felt as if I was missing something big in life. These two girls were very much a part of my adult life- sharing daily happenings, consoling me in the darkest times of my pre-marriage life, laughing aloud with me over a funny incident, sharing my indignation about some politics at work, reveling in my happiness when I was getting married – and today each one of us is at a different physical location, busy with our own lives.

This is Tharun. Oh! How much I would have loved to see the rotund belly of the reed-thin Vindhya when she was carrying Tharun – how much I would have loved to be with her and force her to eat every morsel of the food on her plate as I did for so many afternoons in the office canteen! I wish I could see this little bundle of trouble – as she calls him lovingly – pull his cheeks, hold him close and play with him.

This is cutie Prakrathi – aka Praks. Look at her inquisitive eyes – she is an exact carbon copy of her mom. Meens is one darling of a person. She was with me all through my troubled phase before marriage – listening patiently to all my woes, advising me and helping me in taking small decisions. She had her fair share of troubles before lil Praks was born. I am sure she would have been glad to have a friend at hand, and – I was never there for her. Wish I could do something for this dear friend of mine.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rollicking Weekend

Sometimes you know that a particular weekend is going to be good on Friday itself. The one that swept past yesterday was one such for me. Friday was pretty cheerful because it had only 3 working hours :D. We had our department picnic that afternoon – and to our utter happiness, the boss sent a mail in the morn stating that folks can go home after the picnic and need not come back to ensure the 8-hour working time. After an ice-breaking game of finding a person in the group who “Owned a rabbit” or one who “wore toe rings” or one who “did polka” and so on; we had a lunch of Pizza and Salad.
One of committees in our department is called “Morale” – the responsibility of this team being – survey the morale of the department, take inputs from all the employees and come up with suggestions on how to improve the morale of the team.
It was the responsibility of this team to conduct some games/team building activity on that day. They did come up with some good activities and we all went back home smiling.

One of my colleagues was talking about the weather being fine at Cedar Point, an amusement park about 3 hours drive from our city. So, that evening – the Mr. and me made plans, called up one family that we know of and 2 bachelors and were all geared up for an outing the next day. I am not at all one for such sudden trips – but this one I must say will be always remembered as one of our best trips to any place, not only for the fact that we had grrrrreat fun but also because I did my first 3 hour driving trip – Yes! Yours truly drove all the way to Cedar Point and half-way back also! It indeed is some achievement for me, considering that the maximum I have driving on freeway is from home to a mall that is 10 miles away! And the icing on the cake was to be complimented for it, and when the two bachelors – Jai and Amitav, who were in their own car behind us – said that it was tough catching up with me as I drove faster than the Mr. (I was all smiles).

Upon entering the park we were stumped by the gigantic roller coasters and monstrous rides. We were sure we would not even want to step into one. We took one roller coaster ride called Blue Streak, assuming it would be a small one – the first vertical drop of 72ft had us all rattled and searching for our stomach in our throats. Thereupon, we decided to be more cautious and so took the rotating Matterhorn – it was this which gave us the needed boost I think, and also the ambience of the place maybe.

We ventured on a ride called “Iron Dragon”, which I think was the coolest in the whole place. You are seated in a chair like thing and hang from the main line of the ride, and it twists and turns around a pool of water – the view is what makes it all worthwhile I felt. We rode this ride thrice, till we got bored of it! The best part was since it was a normal weekend, there was hardly any queue. This place is reputed to have waiting times that go upto 1 and ½ hour for each ride and all we had to wait was for a max of 10 mins!! After the “Iron Dragon” all the males in the group had become really enthu and were raring to go on all the rides they could lay eyes on. I ventured on most of them and dropped off a couple when I heard that the sheer vertical drop was more than 150 ft or so.

We had a new food item at this place called “Elephant Ears”. It is nothing but our local Bathura – of gigantic size though and with a bit of cinnamon and loads of sugar sprinkled on it. A nice new food item!

This park hosts the ride that is currently the world’s number 1 – Dragster. Folks are strapped to a car that is shot off a track and reaches 120 MPH speed in just 4 seconds and shoots upto a vertical height of 450 ft along a path that is twisted at an angle of 270 en-route and drops back to ground at the same speed. The whole process takes only about 8 seconds and like somebody remarked – even if you scream on this ride by the time the scream is out of you, the ride is done! I could hardly stand next to the place, and wondered what is it that made people even venture for the ride. When I stood just below the contraption, just looking up made me dizzy, and here was a small kid of 8-9 years who was boastfully talking of how he was going to take the ride – I don’t know if the ride had age restrictions.

The last of the rides that we took was the “Raptor”, where the passengers are made to sit with feet dangling on hanging chairs – dropped from a height of nearly 100 ft and rotated 360 degrees, nearly 6 times! It was a mind blowing and thrilling ride, one I am going to remember for ages to come.

Our throats are sore today, with all that screaming – but it was a trip worth remembering. I might never even venture near any roller coasters in my life, but I am glad I had this experience.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Thanks & An Apology

My Second class of Swimming yesterday was much better than the first one. We arrived a bit early, so that I could mentally prepare myself. I was able to get inside the water and go in completely without fear and able to float holding the wall/ the instructor's hands/the Mr.'s hands :)... There is one elderly lady who is one of the instructors. She is such a dear (I need to ask her name next time around). She gives me so much encouragement and if I just do a small thing fine - she praises me, gives a good smile and urges me on to try more. Oh! Thanks to god for sending such wonderful people on earth.

Many of you blogger friends and other friends have sent me so many encouraging mails/comments on my post. Thanks to all of you for the support - it makes a world of difference to me to receive those words of support from you.

I would like to write a note of apology - maybe I was a bit harsh on commenting about Ms J in my last post - but then I was miffed by the way she commented on my attire, so I guess being a human I was not entirely wrong in getting angry at her - anyways, I want to mention that she was sweet to me yesterday. She did not laugh at me when she saw that I was not even able to float when she could oh-so easily! And instead offered me her glasses and suggested me some small ways that would help me overcome my fear. She is indeed a dear too! So, this apology goes to you Ms. J for the "Sprinting" joke.

I am a sort of person who has very low confidence on herself. All my life- appa and amma had to keep telling me to do something- they would know I can top an exam, or win in a roller skating competition, or manage on my own in a new country - but I would never have the confidence. After marriage, the Mr. took over that "Job" and is great at it. I was scared to tell about the swimming classes to my in-laws wondering how they would react - and was so happy to see them also urging me to go. I feel I am terrifically lucky to have such good people all around me. I think it is high time - instead of being an idiot - I get some confidence in myself, look upon my past to see how I achieved small things or big and go on to learn swimming well !

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Swimming Classes

After much thought and debating and convincing from the Mr., I finally decided to get over my inhibition of the swim-wear and decided to join swimming lessons. So, with great enthu I went to shop for a swim wear on Monday (classes were to begin on Tue) and was so disappointed to find just a couple of itsy-bitsy bikins. With much great effort(and patience from the Mr.) and spending close to an hour at two shops, I managed to find something that decently covers me up – why in the world can’t they have swim shorts for women also ???? Beats me!

Of all the days, it was only on Tuesday that the Mr. had to come late. After a hurried bite of the Pori that I made, we rushed off to the class at 8:30 PM. Driving in pitch black darkness and in pelting rain, we managed to find the Community center. While the Mr. filled out the forms, I stumbled around trying to find the changing room and was flustered not knowing where to put my stuff and landed near the pool –a towel wrapped around my waist, my winter jacket on me – looking like an absolute idiot. I was glad that all the people enrolled in the class were elderly people and no lechers (And moreover as the Mr. rightly puts it – if there were to ogle they would at all those beautiful American instructors and not us Indian ladies).

I was just about to relax and not let my obsession with my attire work on me, when this other Indian Lady (lets call her J from now on) had to remark – I wonder how you could bring yourself to wear this! And that was it – all the confidence I had went down the pool – she herself was drabbed in an athletic track suit as if she was assuming that we would be sprinting in the pool lanes and not swimming.

And as luck would be, I was not exactly like a fish in water – in fact I was the exact opposite. I could not even get myself to dunk completely into the pool, which was only 4ft deep. After much struggling with trying to float, I gave up and ended up struggling for breath. So much for my wish to be able to swim in 8 classes, I will be glad if I can atleast float at the end of this entire ordeal.

The Mr. was a great support in all this – calmly listening to all my frustrations and urging me to tryin breathing out - inside water, and holding my hands while I tried to float. He even enrolled in the class just to be with me (he swims quite well already). All the way back home, he was there giving me gyan on how to calm myself and boosting me up to think of how I struggled on my first day of driving and how I driving casually with only one hand on the steering wheel today (2 months since that disastorous first day). Oh! What would I do without this sweet angel husband of mine!

Today is the 2nd class – ppl wish me all the luck – I should atleast be able to float holding onto the pool wall.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I hate living in the United States for this one particular reason - dependency on somebody for transportation! You cannot go to any place without your own car. We have been managing so far with one car, inspite of people warning that you will sooner or later need one each. Guess it is for these kinds of situations that you definitely need one of your own - when your own work is done, and you have browsed all the possible internet sites and are desperate to go home to cook for the evening or do some house work; and are stuck in the office waiting for the MR.

It is all the more tough for me, one who does not have any friends in the area where we live - despite the fact that all of them work in the same firm as mine (just my bad nature that nobody wants to be pals with me - I guess!) - and you have to ping each one and ask if he/she can give you a ride!

I hate these situations and I detest them when they keep coming again and again in my life! Why ME!!! I am going to get the car to work from 'morrow and pick the Mr. at my convinience. He would not mind even if he were to asked to stay in the office 24 hours - 365 days a year.....


Lures of the Tinselworld

Two of my favourite film stars, in Tamil industry, got married to each other yesterday – Surya and Jyothika. Ever Since I came to know of the “Kissu-Kissu” between them, I was kinda hoping this would be the end. The Mr. says I cannot understand why you are excited about their wedding/ love affair. Well, neither can I explain, but that is that! And, I was so happy to receive umpteen numbers of forwards with their wedding snaps. Somehow they felt RIGHT together. Jo, was looking much beautiful at her wedding, than she ever looked in any of her movies (Oh! I forgot … she was absolutely stunning in Kaakha Kaakha).

I remember having got a forward, or read about it somewhere on the Net – I am not sure, a photo of Ajay Devgan and Kajol. They are also such a nice couple I feel.
Another couple I rooted for was Junior B and Rani. Somewhere in the between there was some gossip about their link up and then it all fizzled out. I was so disappointed when those rumours about Junior B and Aish came up. I wished of all the people he did not marry that snooty, nothing-but-a-pretty-face-yet-world-famous model (can’t bring myself up to call her an actress).

Hmm… Sometimes I find myself being silly about these interests in the Filmdom. But then again, I feel – I am okay. Talking of all these brings back good old memories. While in college, I was made the “Reading Room Representative” of our LH(ladies hostel) in final year. Well, this honorable position had nothing to do in contribution to the improvement of reading abilities of the inmates, not taking care that there was proper and impartial distribution of the magazines that were delivered every month to me – it only had to do with the fact that after about 20 days into the month, I was at liberty to tear up all the posters that I wanted from Filmfare & Stardust and stick it on the walls of my room. And this I did religiously for a year. It was so heart rending when I had to leave the college and that room of mine , my ‘work of art’ – I took off some of my most favorite (believe me it was really tough to choose a few among those treasured clip-arts) clippings and have them still stuck on my scrap book!

The two large posters of Shah Rukh (when in the world did I ever like him – I cannot even recall – I must have been really insane then) and Aamir Khan (my chudli loo favorite actor) ,and the tiny one of Madhu kutty(Madhavan) on the walls of my room at home endured years of abuse from Appa – who would chide me for not growing up at all – and finally had to give in when the room was painted.

Someday, when I settle down in life in a house of my own, I am going to put back those posters up on the wall again. Maybe my kid would give me a helping hand.

Monday, September 11, 2006


I am not going to write anything about the above headline in general. It is just about how this became the “Season Smartie”. This phrase is a patented coin by the Mr. If something has had absolutely no significance to your life for ages, and in an hour/day/week it achieves the utmost attention that there is nothing more than you can talk about – it is called “Season Smartie”- as was socialization in our lives.

The weekend was splendiferous. For about a month, I have been cribbing to the Mr. with the obvious lack of socialization in our lives – who maintains that THAT is the last of his worries. And it was this particular activity that hung over us like a warm blanket for the last 2 and quarter days.

It all started on Friday evening. Sometimes, for ages you try to meet up with a friend/colleague and it never works out and then suddenly out of the blue it happens in the most unexpected of times. For ages, we have been planning to meet up with Preethi and Ganesh, who just live about 10 houses away from us, and it never happened. On this day, Preethi took a lift from us and I asked her home for tea – and she cameJ. For about an hour and hour, we sat there blissfully – the three of us – discussing this and that – it was certainly a very enjoyable beginning to the weekend. Thereupon we rushed to dinner at a Thai restaurant – which served the world’s best Veg. fried Rice (according to me only) before they closed for the day.

Saturday began well. The match between Federer and Davy davydenko was like a damp squib. Wonder how a player like Davy could even make it to the Semis – guess he got lucky at the drawings. Anyway, I was happy that Federer won. As the commentator rightly put, he had 1 hour 40 minutes of tennis practiceJ. The match in the latter part of the day – Roddick vs Youzhny was SOMETHING. I almost disliked Youzhny because he put a stop to Nadal’s progress to the finals, but this match changed all my opinions. I simply started liking this guy as did the American crowd who were seated enjoying this marathon game between two tigers on Saturday evening. He put up a good fight against Andy Roddick and did not give up even until the end. Towards the end, he would start cheering his own good shot, which humoured the crowd a lot. When Federer took on Blake, an American, the patriotic crowd would hardly clap for a shot played by Federer – but today it was an entirely different story! Youzhany probably got better appreciation than Roddick!

This day was also the time to meet new friends – Monica and Prasad (the former is a new colleague of mine). We caught up with another couple (old friends) and had a wonderful game of bowling. The game bowling is a wonderful thing I think – it can be played by just anybody – no age/sex bar. Almost anybody I know of likes it. The six of us gelled so well, that we wanted more of the company – and proceeded to make plans for the next day. As soon as we came home, we rushed to the laptop and were mightly pleased to hear the news of Sharapova’s win. The pleasurable evening had a good end!

Sunday saw us laughing till our end’s split, and crying from the heart at the same time in Novi – while watching “Lage Raho Munnabhai” (more on this in another post). It was a after a long time, we felt, that we had seen a really splendid Hindi movie – maybe the best after RDB(I liked Fanaa – but that was because I like Aamir and Kajol). The icing on the cake was when we found that there were absolutely no detours on M-24 and 696. There has never been a time in the past, when I have taken either of these two roads and not landed on a detour. We ended the weekend watching the match of the season – Federer Vs Roddick. After a slow start by losing the first set, Roddick came back with such ferocity in his shots that I was almost sure Federer was out. But then I realized, it is not just good serves or good forehands that make a champion – it is something more than that – called Consistency. Winning a game is not about hitting sharp swift returns or driving a couple of aces – it is the ability to turn a losing shot into a winning one and being consistent about winning! And that is what federer displaying. Almost at the brink of losing, he turned the rackets(sorry tables) forcing Andy to accept that he, Roger is the BEST. If only Roddick had changed his game style according to the need; as often as he changed his 3 T-Shirts. Hee Hee (evil grin!)

There is a saying – Bhagwan jab deta hai Chappar phaad ke deta hain! Couldn’t be truer! After quite some time, I had a good weekend – one satisfying in many ways; and the tomato that refused to turn Red for all those weeks when the sun was shining brightly found this rainy and gloomy weekend to turn Red. Ah! the ways of God Almighty!

Friday, September 08, 2006

What do you think?

Found this on the net today -
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.
This is going to be my new excuse when Rajesh tells me that I am such a bore - cannot adopt to new ideas. Howzzzzat ?

US Open...

For the past week, it has been only Flushing meadows that we see on TV. The Nadal- Youzhany match was disappointing. I was hoping that like the Wimbledon, this time around too, it would be a Federer- Nadal final. There was a beautiful article about the Federer-Nadal jodi in the Sept. 4th edition of Time magazine, comparing the game styles of these two champions.

Federer reminds me of Pete Sampras. For years together, I was a die hard fan of this absolutely cool guy. Amma would say “Oh! Andha Naay maadhiri naaka velila viduvane avana!” (that girl who would let his tongue out like a dog always). I personally believe that it is this utmost coolness, and intense concentration on the game – that was the key to Pete’s success and now Federer’s too. For there have been great players with much stronger and quicker shots in competition to these two guys, and yet they emerge as winners only because of the consistency in their game.

This was proved in yesterday’s game too – Federer vs Blake. An awesome adrenaline pumping 2 hour 47 minutes of pure professional tennis it was! After the first set which rallied for a long long time, I was scared that Federer might lose – but the second set proved me wrong. Blake had some very very good shots and quick movements, but guess he was not sure of himself and not at all consistent. He gave easy points to Federed and fought long to win one small teeny-weeny point. Federer’s game is like a symphony – smooth – no undulations, confident and suave.

On the Women’s side, we are rooting for Maria Sharapova. She is the hottest star in the field now – but unlike her predecessors Anna and Sania, who were only good in Ads and not at the game – Sharapova is a pleasure on and off court. That gorgeous black dress of hers surely pulls a lot of crowd. She faces Mauresmo – the half man-half woman – today. That pretty much seals her fate of winning the US Open, but you never know miracles can happen!


Two days of the week I really love are Friday and Sunday. When you wake up on a Friday morning, it gives such a exhilarating feeling to know that just 8 or 9 hours later you will be free of this hell-hole called Office for the next 24 hours or more J. And when it is a long weekend (ie. Monday also a holiday) ; then Fridays are all the more beautiful. The Office is almost empty by afternoon, lines in the lunch room are non-existing, you can see the white lines separating the blocks in parking lot – which otherwise you would never even know exists, by 4 even the most workaholic in the office comes over for a chat remarking that the minutes hand in her watch is inching ever so slow, after much hemming and hawing you break the restraint – throwing the 8-1/2 hour rule out of the window and rush out into freedom! Almost every other routine that is set-up for the other 4 days is broken. No Gym also J. If there is work to be done also, I cannot sit for a second after 5 on Fridays – I would rather finish it up over the weekend, but the mind simply cannot be coerced into finishing it on a Friday evening.

My Friday evenings are mostly spent waiting on one foot (then on the other after some time) for the Mr. to arrive, often accompanied with a zillion calls to his cell to demand why he is still working - at 5 on a Friday evening. We shove all problems into the our office cabinets and chat happily while going home to enjoy a hot cup of chai with assorted items – biscuits , murukku, pori-mixture combo, or a paratha, or a sandwich – while making plans for the weekend – which always ends up undone. I love making a list of To-Dos for the weekend and crossing off things as they get done.

Eating out on Fridays is almost like a ritual, unless there are zillions of left –overs in the fridge. I simple cannot make myself to cook something on a Friday evening. Most friends here catch up a movie on this evening. Unfortunately for my Migrane, we cannot afford this luxury.

I hate getting any “bad” official/otherwise news on Fridays. Somehow I feel that they are acceptable on any other day, but it is too cruel to be getting them on a Friday. A Friday evening is almost like the auspicious puja done at the beginning of any new venture(the weekend in this case).

I am Glad today is Friday … Aren’t you?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Teacher’s Day

Sept 5th is celebrated all over India as Teacher’s day in remembrance of one of the greatest leaders of our country, who himself was a teacher – Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

Faint memories of this day come to my mind, as I read this post by Usha on teacher’s day. In our school, this day was celebrated as an official “Day-Off” for teachers. A Special Assembly would be conducted in the morning and for most part of the day, the teachers would be off, taken off for a special lunch. And to manage the junior students, senior students would be sent to take “classes”. While in Junior classes, I would eagerly wait to see if one of those smart, handsome senior boys or one of those lovely, beautiful girls that I liked a lot would come to “teach” us; and be awed by the sheer power they had as Seniors. We would eagerly talk of the ball of time we would have when we became “Seniors”. I don’t know if even today this is the way it is celebrated in my school.

Teachers play a big role in our life as students. Many teachers are role models, who push students to work better, guide them and give them new ideas and better development thoughts. We as students would often strive to be “the best student”, “the pet student” for the teacher we liked.

I would often wish that my b’day fell on a day that had my favourite teacher’s class – so that I could give her chocolates and get her wishes. It pleased me everytime Dattam madam asked me to stand up and read the next chapter in Biology class; and was secretly thrilled that Hymavathy madam preferred me to XYZ in English class. Nagaratnam madam would get vexed up each time I chatted in her period – well it was not my fault that I found economics so boring – every economics class would find me standing up with the teacher grumbling “She gets good marks in her exams but cannot stop yakking in the class!”

Sometimes it is bad when a teacher takes undue advantage of the position that she/he holds. Cases of manhandling students, sexual advances made to the opposite sex students are not unheard of. It saddens to think that these very persons who are considered just next to god can take such drastic steps to spoil the name of the entire teacher community. We had two teachers – one would slap the student for needless reasons and the other who would talk obscenely with girls.

Ah! Those good old school days! Wish I could go back in time and meet each one of my teachers. Wherever they are, I wish them well and will be always thankful for their role in shaping my life, as it is today.

Love-cum-Arranged Marriage

This is the latest fashion statement of anybody who is going to get/got recently married. Pray, tell me the meaning of this?

Marriages can happen only in 2 ways – you fall in love with somebody, tell your parents – who are gung-ho about it, or who oppose it – convince them in the latter case; and get married. Or, leave that entire mess of finding somebody to your parents/paraphernalia family – browse thru a couple of photos – say yes to one – meet the girl/boy and say a yes/no. The first one called a “Love Marriage” and the second one called an “Arranged marriage”.

Now what is this Love-cum-arranged marriage then? Ask an explanation to anybody who says his/her marriage is this type and pat comes the reply – Our parents arranged our meeting and we fell his love and got married. Hey! Does that mean that there are “NoLove-cum-Arranged” marriages also? I thought when you married somebody; you either loved him/her beforehand or got to love your spouse after marriage. Why this special tag, then? Do the folks who get married by means of parents fixing the match, feel that it is too unglamorous, that they have to convince others by using this adjective?
Why is so wrong to say that – yes boss my parents found my spouse for me! Anybody who marries the match found by his/her parents ultimately loves the partner right? I have heard folks complaining – “Arre Yaar! Koi ladki nahin mili abhi tak, kya zindagi hai?”. Well, boss – love does not happen that way – you cannot go out into the market and search for it. If it did not happen, well it did not – and if your parents found a nice girl for you, then why feel so bad that you have to inject this phrase and try to make yourself a hero?

There was a time, about a decade ago maybe, when Love marriages were nearly unheard of. In those days, I would see some folks who married this way (after having faced a lot of opposition from family), feeling embarrassed to reveal the fact that theirs was a love marriage. If they themselves felt that they were a sort of stigma to the society – then how can you ever hope to change the opinion of the society about you and such marriages? And, ironically today - if you did not have a Love marriage, you feel so out-of-place that you invent the "Love-cum-Arranged" marriage syndrome!