Friday, June 16, 2006

Ten Things I miss about Amma's Cooking

I frequent some Food blogs whenever I get free time at office. They have a world of their own. Just click on one of the blogs and you get a link to a whole new world I feel. Of all, the best presented is this.
One of the recent topics that they are discussing on is - the title above :)...

So, I thought why not I write about 10 things I miss in my Amma darling's cooking, though it is tough to pick only 10 - because I miss her entire cooking and herself too. Michch you amma ....

Okay here goes ...

1- Amma makes the world's best Maanga kootan and kathrikai fry. This combination is the world's best meal for me. No matter how much I try, I can never get the taste of amma's maanga kootan!

2 - Keerai masiyal. When amma makes it, i don't know what magic is in her hands, it comes with the just right texture - not too kozha kozha(soft and soggy), not too elai elai (leafy) - but the perfect mash. And the fried coconut strips she puts in them .... ooooh ! Slrup! mouth watering.

3 - Keerai Kootu & Vendakai Pachchadi - Amma's venkadai always attained uniform crispness and thanks to the chennai heat, the thair was never less pulli :)....

4. Lemon Rasam and Vendakai upperi - Try as I might , even after following every single instruction of Amma's, I have never been able to master the art of making vendakai upperi. Even though I use the same rasam powder as hers, and my tomatoes are much fresher than hers - the smell of amma's rasam that tickled my nostrils , never ever seems to emanate from my rasam.

5. Vella Payasam - I do not like any variety of Paal Payasam. So, as long as I was at home - poor appa had to suffer and never get to even see Paal Payasam !!! .... I miss waiting desperately for the poojai to get over to gorge on amma's hot hot vella payasam!I would love to accompany amma on her quest to get the perfect "karuppu" vellam for her payasam.

6. Thengai and Lemon Sevai - Years ago we used to make the sevai out of the naazhi ; but then it became too tedious a process and we switched to Concorde. Amma's seasonings for the sevai are the best!

7. Murru Murru Dosai - She would make perfect round and really crisp dosais.

8. Rava Ladoo - Her Rava laddoos were the talk of my hostel during college days ... Such soft laddoos... they would melt into your mouth. My roomies would hide a huge stock away from the rest of the predators and we would enjoy them for a month after vacations also.

9. Thattai/Ribbon pakodam - This was my favorite snack and often made at home for all festivals.

10. Her love packed in every item she made. My mother did not have much time to experiment with new dishes, but she was the mistress in every single dish she made. Perfection is her middle name.

:(( Now I am surely nostalgic and want to each my mother's cooking ! I always beleive that no matter where you go in the world, what dish you each - you would always want to come back "HOME" and eat that simple yet most delicious food that your mother cooks...

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